15 August, 2017


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What are your expectations for a great Saturday evening?
How about a Good food, a great ambience and some amazing music?


So Imperfecto is giving you all of this. The place is a visual masterpiece . Live band performances adds on to the charm of Imperfecto.

We would recommend you to try it for some amazing indian cuisine like Dhai ke sholey , Dal makhni and Garlic naan . For drinks you can try Black diamond mojito.  Their Chinese cuisine is not that good. CAUTION – don’t order pizzas, the prices may hit you hard in comparison to the taste.

Imperfecto is a perfect place for wine lovers as they serve a wide variety of wines.

With everything going pretty perfect let’s come to the imperfect part. The services need improvement because they are a bit slow and we would have loved our evening more if we had more options. The prices are on a bit higher side.

Hauz khas is known for its night life so the charm cannot be same during daytime, so don’t complain if you don’t find the live music at the cafe because it starts around 8:00 pm. But we promise you that live performance is worth watching and is a lot of fun.

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