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28 August, 2017

Tamasha Moments at Social Hauzkhas

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This is one of our favourite places, we are totally in love with it. We relive all our ‘Tamasha‘ moments here. Why not because we are big fans of Deepika and Ranbir. You will love all their food items and specially the way they present it.

Our favourites in the menu are Honey Chilly Potatoes perfectly cooked with right amount of Honey, White sauce pasta full of cheese, absolutly delicious and Rocher shake that we just can’t stop drooling over. We also tried their Bombay Bhel sandwich which we won’t recommend as it was not up to the mark.


They serve alcohol and hookah too so you can consider it if you’re looking to get high. They have a jail theme so their crockery and the way of presentation is quite interesting. We promise you that you will not complain about their ambience because that’s totally dope. It’s one of the most beautiful and classy places in Hauz khas to spend a date night or to have a dinner.

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