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24 September, 2017

THIS SEASON, treat yourself with NAVRATRI FOOD

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Our favourite indian cuisine spot brings a special menu for the Navratri season. They have a number of option in their Navratri menu. You can try their “Navratri Special Thali” or a variety of “Chaats” they offer. The place makes sure that their is no use of Onions and Garlic in their kitchen . Our personal favourite is “Crispy Sabudana Aalo Chaat” .




This decent family restaurant in “KAROL BAGH” is a great place for Veggie lovers and will become your favourite in the “Navratri Season” because of its “AALO PURI and FRUIT RAITA”. Its a nice and simple outlet serving authentic veg-hygienic food.




“Chote Lal Chaat Bhandaar”, you might not know this place. But it has been a great spot for people who have tasted the food here – “Karol bagh and Janki Devi Memorial College”. Serving freshly prepared “Aaloo Tikki, Aaloo Chaat, Bhalla Papdi, Sevpuri” and our true love ,the “Golgappes”. They too have an extraordinary addition to their menu for Navratri i.e. ”AALO CHAT” . Trust us it’s the best you can have in the NAVRATRI SEASON.




Indulge in a pious feast at “KALEVA PITAMPURA” . Embrace your festival with “KALEVA’s NAVRATRI SPECIAL THAALI” . The thaali includes “KUTTU PURI, RAITA , SHAHI PANEER AALO SABJI ,SABUDANA KHICHDI ,SALAD” and serve best Navratri feast for those adoring a fast.




What more a bibliophile can ask for a cafe adjacent to a bookstore and nothing can be more delightful when your favourite place introduces NAVRATRI special menu for the religious and hungry you. Treat yourself with “CRISPY KUTTU AATA AALO FRIES” while staying true to your fast . They also have mouth watering “SABUDANA KHICHDI” to offer.


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