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12 August, 2017

Rajouri’s hidden Gem

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Wandering around the streets of Rajouri, we found this astounding cafe.

Just like the name it will comfort you like home. We were impressed by the decorč, cute little sofas, nice wall paintings, catchy quotes at the wall and the name of dishes which are quite interesting and unique.

The food was appetizing and delectable. We had Ghar ke jamai-dahi ke kebab. They were perfectly fried, soft inside and crispy outside. We loved them and strongly recommend it to you

Veg pizza which we customized according to our choice, we decided the toppings. It was okay not that great but also not that bad.

Ice cream sundae which was our favourite, they even added some chunks of brownie when we asked them. It was delicious.

In the drinks we had Ex ko bhulaane ka Nuskha ghost buster this was the best name of the menu because ex ko bhulana is important. It surely helped us to forget our ex because after having that all we remembered was it’s taste.

Overall it was a graet experience and Ghar Bistro Bar turned out to be one of our favourite places in Rajouri Garden. For more pictures of the cafe scroll down below.

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