5 November, 2017


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With all those already famous cafes which have been ruling Hudson lane for years it is very tough for a new comer to overtake them, but when the new comer is like DUM MARO DUM we donít think it would be tough .

We went to DUM MARO DUM on its second day after opening and could feel the freshness in terms of creativity played upon the interior and the food.
We ordered QUESEDILLAS, grilled tortilla bread with mixed vegetables and melted cheese with salsa sauce and Burani sour cream which was filling plus delicious.
Another thing we ordered was GOLDEN JACK POTLI which was a crispy baked potil with vegetables and cheese filling.

These two dishes were above our expectations. While we were waiting for our food they served us a dhai balla flavoured mousse and nachos salsa which were complimentary. The fun doesnít end here, with the bill also they served a complimentary edible cigarette.

The prices are in tandem with other cafes of Hudson lane .
Since the place is new you can face a little problem with power failure. Moreover it is not just a cafe itís an experience. DUM MARO DUM cafe has funky, trippy interiors and a bar that burst out of walls.

Would love to visit it again.

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