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19 September, 2017


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When you have ‘n’ number of choices and all you see is food everywhere it is very hard to choose one . So here we bring our personal favourites from NETAJI SUBASH PLACE.


SHAKE IT UP - If you fantasize about food, SHAKE EAT UP is the one stop for all your fantasies. The way they present their shakes, waffles, pastas shows the love they shower upon their customers. With the lovely owner and amazing food it has certainly become our favourite eating spot. Don’t check the prices it will definitely fit in your pockets.




BILLU’S HUT - One place which is giving tough competition to all the restaurants and cafes in NSP in terms of food is Billu’s hut. We have been there twice and were never disappointed with the taste. They serve some amazing pastas overloaded with cheese and cream. The shakes aren’t presented in the most exotic way but the taste and quality are not compromised with. 



CALIFORNIAN CLASSICS - Are you also a Fries before guys kind of girl? So you can’t miss this place. They serve a nice variety of fries and they serve fries in curly way. Yes, you read that right, they are one of its kind in Delhi. We tried their PIZZA FRIES AND NACHOS JALAPENO FRIES and believe me they were delicious; creamy, soft, tossed in different sauces and chips.


BISTRO 57 - First and foremost the place is pocket friendly and the food here is undoubtedly yummy. Since we are Mojito addicts, we couldn’t miss one here too. If you are one too then try their KIWI MOJITO, highly recommend and it’s totally refreshing . Also try their Garlic Toast and Mini Pizza.


PASTA HUT -  We randomly stumbled upon it and to our surprise, it turned out to be a very good decision. Their pasta was great and quantity was enough to satisfy your Hunger. We recommend you to try their NACHOS CORN PASTA AND WHITE SAUCE PASTE, you won’t be disappointed for sure.



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