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20 September, 2017

‘Echoes’ – The Voice Unheard

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Sometimes it’s not about music, food or ambiance. Sometimes, it’s all about good vibes, and when you visit ‘Echoes’ you certainly feel those vibes. It’s totally a unique experience there . You get all those good vibes when you see ‘those’ people smiling & ‘those’ friendly faces. ‘Those’ here refers to the ‘Hearing and speech impaired employees’.

Yes you read that right. You are served by the people who can’t speak or listen like you do. The initiative taken by them is commendable . When you see someone working with such zeal you cannot stop yourself from visiting such a place again and again. There are signs in the menu card so that you can explain your order to staff.  They also provide a paper where you can write your order code.

We had Nachos, Cream cheese pasta and Honey chilly potatoes, they were delicious. Pasta is a must have.
For the drinks we ordered death by chocolate shake which was the best part of the day, a lovely chocofilled shake to make you happy.

For now it’s in Satya Niketan  but is soon opening a outlet in Hudson Lane.

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