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10 September, 2017

The “CP You Might Have Missed”

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Happiness is when you randomly pick up something and it doesn’t disappoint you, so was the experience with teddy boy.

The place with a combo of amazing ambience and good food. The pasta, masala paneer tikka, fries with cheese dip, piripiri pizza and the shake were amazing. The only disappointment was the hummus and pita.



Why pay more if you can get your drink at MRP? This is the theme of the cafe serving drinks at MRP + taxes. For food, you should try their Crispy Corn Kernels which are something to drool over. The place doesn’t has an extraordinary ambience but is definitely a place for you if you wanna have some chilled BIRA at a reasonable price and some good food.



Disheartened with those unrealistic goa plans with your friends. So here’s your chance, LADY BAGA brings you Goa’s very own Baga Beach here in Delhi. This cafe is no less than Baga. The décor, food and ambience is all about Goa. We had their STUFFED TIKKIS and MAC AND CHEESE both were super DELICIOUS. Go live your Goa moments in Delhi?



Smoke House Deli is perfect to have evening snacks. It is like a combo of good food and amazing ambience. We had cucumber lavender lemonade, Sandwiches with tahini sauce and mix sauce pasta. We loved the drinks and pasta but the sandwiches were below our expectations and need improvement. Overall it was a great comfy experience with those amazing wall arts, lighting, sitting arrangements, mindblowing ambience and ofcourse the food.



Informal is the best place to have a perfect dinner. They offer the best buffets and Cherry on the cake is live singing. Live singing is available at day time also but till 4 pm only. The décor is eye soothening this is a amazing place. We recommend you to have their white sauce pasta and noodles if not buffet.


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