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23 May, 2018


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Cafe chaai paani is your next spot to hangout with friends in a pocket friendly way. We had Pizza, Maggie and Veg burger. The food was delicious and left us wanting for more. Good food, soothing music, cool ambience and courteous staff. What else do you need? if you want to sit for 2-3 hours and chitchat with your pals this is the place.



It’s a nice small and cosy food outlet. If you are craving for rolls this place is the answer for all your cravings. They have a huge vareity of rolls in veg and non-veg both. I tried their Cheese Roll and Paneer Roll, they were amazing. The quantity was enough to thrive our hunger and it was delectable. We also tried their French fries and Cheese poppers. Fries were really crisp and yummy and cheese poppers were delicious and full of cheese. For drinks we had their Butterscotch shake and Blue lagoon, both were refreshing and tasty.



Favourite place for the mid night cravings. Mandatory for those who love roadside food. The place serves a large variety of paranthas loaded with butter served with tasty green chutney. Try their kulhad wali lassi and kulhad wali chai, it will satisfy your taste buds to the fullest.



For all the Vada Pav fans Goli Vada is your 1 stop for all your cravings. Their Cheese Vada Pav is really yummy and cheesy. We also tried their Cheese unglies and White sauce pasta. The Cheese unglies were the best, its my ultimate favourite now. White sauce pasta was delicious, the pasta was perfectly cooked, the sauce was great and texture too. We tried their Choco Brownie Shake, it is a must try, so chocolatey and full of brownie.


123 CAFE

The newly opened outlet of 123 cafe in Noida is the right place to hog on to. With the food that satisfies your taste buds and the prices that satisfy your pockets, the place is a heaven for the foodies. We had their PANEER MOMOS, VEG CUTTELTS, VEG CLUB SANDWICHES, BROWNIE, VEG BURGER, KIWI COOLER, BLUEBERRY SPARKLING SODA AND STRAWBERRY SHAKE. Everything was tasty and worth the price.

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